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Hi, My names Clare, and I’m the manager as well as the 6th generation of the family to have lived at The House Meadow.

We are lucky to be situated in the peaceful and picturesque village of Biddenden, and although it has taken a lot of planning, the raw beauty of The House Meadow was already in place. My background is in retail and hospitality however Weddings have featured heavily in both. I owned a shop where I sold and made jewellery for Brides, and I have also worked at hotels and for venue decorators. By experiencing the restrictions that some venues have I knew that if I were to develop my own it would have to hold a lot more spirit and freedom than the norm. I have always kept on top of wedding etiquette and trends and although I like to keep my finger on the pulse, I know that it is a couples personality that should really be expressed on their Wedding Day.

Your Wedding at The House Meadow

The House Meadow is laid back, fun and free spirited. Not to say that a Wedding here can’t be elegant, it really can, but your guests can relax, feel at home and enjoy your special day alongside you. We will only ever hold a small handful of weddings per year as we want to be able to offer you a personal service and make sure that every couple feels cared for.

Our Farm

The ‘Offen’ family have lived at Worsenden Farm for over 130 years and as part of our future here we knew we needed to diversify to make the land pay for itself. The working farm is still our main business however we needed diversifications that would compliment this. Alongside the wedding venue we also breed horses and have a retirement livery yard. In 2009 we started planning the development of The House Meadow and we saw our first Weddings held in 2012.

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