Looking back at 2012 at The House Meadow

We’ve had a fabulous few years of blog features and with our lovely new ‘News’ page I thought I’d share a round up of past articles.

So, taking in back to the very beginning – we find ourselves in 2012. This was the year that we held our first weddings and started partaking in some styled shoots. We had a pretty busy year and were proud to host some cracking weddings which still, after 4 years, deserve shouting about. Take a look…

Ahhh, Jono and Lucy – our very first wedding couple! We were not only privileged to be host for such a lovely couple but we were also introduced to some fabulous new suppliers. Our favourite dream team will always include the lovely ladies over at Home Gurr’own Caterers, and they served their delicious food in none other than giant hat tipis, which were supplied by another supplier favourite, Beautiful World Tents.

Now, there would be no use in having such gorgeousness without having a photographer of the highest standard to document it, and here is the lovely Anna Marie Stepney’s blog telling us all about the day and how she captured it.

Just look at those blue skies! This vintage styled shoot had the sweetest details. The couple were adorable, the food looked delicious and have you ever seen a caravan look so at home in the lush green grass?

You’ll also find these images featured over on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings who clearly loved it as much as we do!

This styled shoot was curated by the ladies over at Festival Brides. The shoot was called ‘Meadowfest’ and was featured on their wedding blog in four parts.

The first look was all about the wild flower meadow, green grass and our stunning red head model, simple and natural.

The second look captured more colour and vibrancy with awesome festival style details.

The third look was different again with the woodland area of The House Meadow providing the backdrop.

And finally, the fourth look was relaxed and bohemian with all the gorgeous models relaxing in the evening sun.

Which is your favourite? I’m always going to be dreaming of those early summer days with the wild flower meadow in full bloom with its vibrant red poppies and sky blue cornflowers.

So, earlier on when I was talking about Jono and Lucy’s wedding I mentioned my Dream Team…well what are the chances of that team collaborating twice in our first year? Well, we were lucky enough that that did indeed happen.

Anna Marie Stepney was back, alongside Home Gurr’own and Beautiful World Tents but this time the couple getting wed were the absolutely wonderful, Sarah and Dan. I LOVE this wedding, and to this day it is up there with the best. Sarah and Dan were a dream to work with and with the team in place it was picture perfect, as Anna Marie will show you in this blog.

The image you can see here is definitely one I keep in my venue ‘boasting book’, I mean, it’s PERFECT!

Chloe from Caught The Light is the photographer responsible for this little gem, and Matt and Jess are the beeeeeautiful couple. This wedding, to me, if the definition of rustic elegance. Every detail even in its simplicity was absolutely beautiful, timeless, I adore it.

The humanist ceremony was conducted under our ancient Oak Tree, and the reception was held in the meadow within Stretch Tents.

I have to take a moment to remember a few highlights of this wedding and the two most notable things for me (following on from this ceremony setting!) were the Outdoor Lounge area which was highlighted with twinkling festoon lights, and Jess’s dress…it had polka dots AND pockets, need I say more?

Enjoy this feature over on Caught The Light‘s blog page

So there we have it, a round up of the wedding blogs who kindly featured The House Meadow in our opening year. There is lots more to come so make sure you check back for 2013/2014/2015, very soon.

Thanks for reading,

Clare x